Thursday, 14 January 2016

Artist Spotlight - Listen04

Art can be beautiful, disgusting, poignant, offensive, crude and thought provoking. All of those nouns and more describe the work of Listen04.

Imagine the childish drawings of junior school but with engorged members,  political statements and moments of pure truth that make your jaw drop and yours brain tremble. A dreaded realisation that behind the Disneyesque facade of bleached teeth, tanned skin and picture postcard backdrops something is terribly wrong in America and society as a whole. There's a worm in the apple and it's munching away at the core of humanity.

Listen04 delivers the message with the subtly of a hammer to the face, images of racism, white privilege, the perversity of terror and soullessness of globalisation batter your eyes and brain into a mush of introspection. When asked to explain his work he stated,

"I find talking about my work extremely difficult. It is the act of trying to re-interpret something that has already been done. It seems, and ultimately is, pointless. I have no flowery words of explanation. If you dissect it, it dies."


Just as quickly as you may have found Listen04's work he may now have ceased producing his drawings. A recent statement on his instagram said:

listen04I am now at my best and so Listen04 is over. I have officially stopped. all currently scheduled exhibitions are canceled (sic). The upcoming show in march will still be delivered at the daniel rolnik gallery. Listen04 was and always has been a conceptual art exhibition anchored by irreverence and vision. above and beyond "art". to my truest fans, please stay legend

If this is true his work is about to become a little more scarce so if you fancy owning a piece of it head to his website where prints are available here or for originals One Grand Gallery.

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