Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Mac Are Back!!!

If you mention Fleetwood Mac to anybody, if they don't automatically recognise this beast of the music world, then they most probably know one of their tracks or at least a cover. The Mac have been producing music for over 40 years, through drug addictions, health scares and break ups, they have proven themselves to be one of the most resilient bands out there. They're a family, they squabble and disagree but it's the blood of music that keeps them reforming and touring.

Last night's concert was held in Madison Square Gardens, 34th Street, fittingly in the heart of the Big Apple. Attendees ranged in age from the pensionable, right down to those in their 20s.  That's one of the greatest talents of Fleetwood Mac, their music draws in all ages and types. From lilting ballads and love songs with Stevie Nicks on vocals, to screaming guitar solos by the magic fingers of Lindsey Buckingham the music flows and ebbs much like the emotions it elicits.

The concert was frankly outstanding, Christine McVie, an integral member of the group had recently rejoined after a hiatus lasting 16 years, ended by a phone call last October as Stevie put it "She asked me if it was okay for to rejoin!". The fact that Christine was there opened up the play list immensely, Everywhere, Songbird, Dreams and the Chain being our highlights.

For a band in their 60's and 70's in the case of Christine, the energy and enjoyment that they bring to the stage is boundless. Lindsey and Mick Fleetwood both dripped with sweat with the sheer passion and exertion of expertly manipulating the drums and guitar. It's safe to say they could put a number of entertainers half their age to shame. It was one of those moments that you didn't want to end, but knowing it was finite made the enjoyment all the better. As Mick Fleetwood said at the end of the concert 'The Mac are Back!!!".

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