Monday, 7 July 2014

Wireless 2014 - A Review

Wireless Warms Up. (Photo ©AdamLucy2014)

Wireless 2014 will forever been known as the one with the rant...

Finsbury Park played host to this year's 3 day event and it coped well with the estimated 40,000 revellers each day. The proximity of the stages to each other, meant that no longer did you need to train in sprinting to reach your desired act and a copious number of refreshment stalls kept us hydrated and fed throughout.

Let's talk about the acts, a few stood out for us Ella Eyre and Kiesza being two notables. In comparison to the headline acts on the Friday, these two girls really threw themselves into their performances. The crowd surged and pulsated to their upbeat dance tracks and both finished to a storm of applause.

Pharrell Williams brought it to the main stage, treating expectant fans to a variety of his hits, both from N.E.R.D days and his solo projects. Happy being one of our favourites. However upon speaking to a number of people who have seen Pharrell perform before, they mentioned that he lacked a certain energy. His message was sometimes paradoxical,  he talked about 2014 being the year of empowerment for women, yet songs were sung objectifying the female body.

I Am A God? Kanye and his mask
 (Photo ©AdamLucy2014)
Head liner Kanye West gave the festival goers definitely something to talk about when he launched mid-set into a 25 minute rant about the fashion industry. At the beginning a light smattering of boos could be heard (alcohol + rain doesn't make a good combination) this however grew in intensity and soon became a cacophony. We heard one fan scream 'This ain't Oprah Kanye!!'.  Kanye also made the mistake of turning off the screens to either side of the stage, focusing the crowds attention on the centre. This coupled with the fact that thousands could barely make out the ant like figure on stage and his insistence in wearing a bizarre silver mask, already had people questioning the ticket price and whether it was really him. Rant aside, when he WAS performing the crowd lapped it up with gusto. 

As festivals go it was a win, the sun was shining for most of the Friday and the atmosphere great, perhaps next year a little less personalty heavy and a little more music should be the aim.

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