Saturday, 1 March 2014

New Music Exclusive - Kris Collins Debut EP 'AMYGDALA'

YouTube is full of musicians and singers looking to make it huge, some have star quality and some are more fleeting fireworks. A number of years ago, one in particular made a big impression on us, his name was Kris Collins, he's about to release his debut EP 'AMYGDALA' and its going to be a Supernova. Kris gave us an exclusive look at the 7 track EP a week before it goes on general release.

From humble beginnings making videos at college with other singers, Kris has completely come into his own over the last couple of years and blossomed as an artist. His Debut EP is hard to classify, containing some moments of soul, pop, Hip Hop and other more elusive electronic beats, yet throughout Kris consistently shows off his vocal talent. Writing all 7 tracks himself and working with Aalias (coproducer of Eminem and Rihannas Monster) it has a dreamlike quality, taking us down a winding path of emotions.

Four tracks really shone for us:

  • Circle, a combination of piano, simple beats and a killer electronic accompaniment, intertwined with Kris's vocals over a broad range. 
  • Fool's Paradise, with its Trip-Hop beat and some wicked vocal highs, leading to a trippy synth section. 
  • Mars, slow paced and deeply interesting, there's a story in those lyrics. When we questioned Kris on its possible meaning, he responded mysteriously with "All I will say is that particular song has a lot of layers too it", a hint of mystery is a fine thing! 
  • White As Snow, another synth/electronic crammed killer, bass heavy beats overlaid with that delicate voice work like a dream.

The 'AMYGDALA' that this record gets its name from is an almond shaped area of neurons in the brain linked to both fear responses and pleasure. Hence this EP is very aptly named as it provokes feelings of elation and also slightly disturbs, leaving the listener aching to play it again (Its been on repeat all day). Kris Collins is a star rising and he's created a fantastic debut EP that will rapidly expand his following. Pick up a copy and experience AMYGDALA for yourself.

Its out on Tuesday March 4th and available from Amazon here.
You can follow Kris on Twitter here

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