Monday, 24 February 2014

New Fashion - TZUJI Takes Over!

Larger than life characters don't come much bigger than the talented and out-there Larry Tee. International DJ and music producer, Larry has now tried his hand at fashion designing. Known in creative circles for his fashion forward clothing and personalised T-shirts, it was about time he made it official and dropped a collection. 2014 is most definitely the year of TZUJI!

The fashion world sometimes lacks personalities willing to really bling it up, throw in some sparkle and the occasional dancing chicken. Young creatives in London tired of the done to death reclaimed vintage Shoreditch look, now have an alternative. Larrys line is bright oversized and a breath of fresh air to an otherwise dusty and conformist world.

Larry explained his thinking behind the bright and clubby designs of his pieces "People used to ask me about that time and since I had so many post-clubkid successes in music and festivals I didn't want to really go into it. But now I've decided to embrace my past and let people have some insight into those times. 'Disco 2000' is the theme of my first collection because the fashion flock have been curious about that era, the clubkids and their outrageous disregard for good taste. So instead of running from my questionable past, I decided to be inspired by it. So I used clubkid faces, techno prints, robots and even the dancing chicken as inspiration for some of the prints".

Recently showing the collection at London Fashion Week and with the TZUJI website up and running, things are going from strength to strength. Drop in online, take a look at the whole collection and eye up your next purchase for 2014!

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