Thursday, 23 January 2014

Resolution 2014 - Dance Like Nobodies Watching!

James Morgan and Charley Fone 'Ensemble' (Photo by Alex Springer) 
Resolution 2014 at The Place, has consistently shown some of the best new dance from young choreographers that this country and the world have to offer. In its 25th year and still with 3 weeks to run, it brings together London's young creatives, those who appreciate dance in all its forms and those who are just starting to dip their toes into an ocean of expression. We once again ventured up to Euston to sample the nights entertainment.

The first performance 'A Rustle Of Wings' choreographed by Emmeline Cresswell, comprised of periods of grace and beauty spanning a day from dusk till dawn. The trio of dancers at times seeming to become one being, so intertwined in each other and consumed by movement. The joy was clear to see on their faces and this really shone through in the performance. Supported by a good score and subtle lighting, it was a great opener to the evening and showed considerable talent and finesse.

Tonny A
The second performance, Tonny A's 'The O Syndrome', couldn't have been more different but equally intriguing. Broken, disjointed movement and an erratic accompaniment of music and video, including David Cameron and George Osborne demanding welfare reform and strict immigration controls bombarded us. Tonny literally stripped, laid himself bare and vulnerable. A noticeably squeamish audience shifted uncomfortably in their seats with some actually walking out, possibly shocked by the site of a mans anus and penis! Although this piece contained minimal dance it was certainly powerful, writhing on the floor beating his fists, while rhythmically rocking his body. The message was clear, Tonny used his piece as a platform for a critical attack on social injustice.

'Ensemble' rounded off the evening choreographed and performed by James Morgan and designed by Charley Fone. This piece was once again far removed from the previous two, light, humorous and involving the audience. James Morgan had the auditorium in stitches with his long limb's leaping about the stage. A clever use of music and Charley Fone's voiceover contributed to the buoyant atmosphere. The piece positively emminated youthful exuberance and playfulness.

Another fantastic evening at Resolution 2014, get yourself some tickets they are cheap and just might hook you on dance forever!

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