Saturday, 18 January 2014

A Night Of Dance -Resolution 2014

Dance is a fluid subject, there are however classicists to whom contemporary dance is a sin and the avant garde a mockery of an ancient art. Then there are those willing to push the boundaries and contribute to the growth of the art, using nothing but their bodies and minds to convey a plethora of emotions and subjects. Resolution at The Place brings a number of new and innovative talents to the masses.

Our evening started with a somber solo piece 'After The Rite' by Eliot Smith. Centered around the theme of post-rite resurrection and featuring a large wooden cross as a prop, there was a simple beauty in his flowing and well executed movement. This piece evoked feelings of rebirth within us.

The second performance of the evening 'For The Time Being' transfixed us. From a static stance lasting a number of minutes, Mafê Toledo launched into an erratic sequence of sharp angular movements, drawing us into a manic depiction of the passage of time, of new beginnings, time to reset and start again. It left us with an ache in our hearts, conjuring images of time lost and blurred by repetitious actions.
The third and final performance of the evening 'Lets Walk' created and choreographed by Ishimwa, took us of a riotous humour filled journey using dance, spoken word and song. Accompanied by a whole troupe of dancers of all genders and types, 'Lets Walk' explored the everyday actions of walking and breathing in an organised chaos of movement and sharp expulsions of air. Narrated by Ishimwa in a number of different persona's and accents, the piece roused a fairly somber audience into fits of laughter and was a superb ending to the evening.  We were also treated to a number of vocal performances from Ishimwa which added to the eclectic theme of his production.

Ishimwa Dance Co Members


Resolution 2014 runs until 15th February and is very reasonable priced visit Here to check it out.

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