Sunday, 3 November 2013

Theatre - 'nut' A Review

When offered a free ticket to a new play at The National Theatre's pop-up annex 'The Shed', it would be rude not to accept. Having no real idea what the play was about was both slightly foolish and exciting. We could have been saddled with something dreadful or equally on the positive side something a little bit special. Thankfully it was the latter, debbie tucker green's* 'nut' had us enthralled.

Urban theatre can sometimes fall into the "cool trap", leaving the audience bombarded with unnecessary slang, pop culture references and no real substance. 'Nut' however brought us in to a gritty atmosphere with a dialogue befitting its subject and believable characters. We are taken into the world of Elayne (Nadine Marshall) as she battles with her inner demons and mental illness. The play starts with Elayne and another character Aimee (Sophie Stanton) debating the wording of their Eulogies, this sets the tone of the production and if you are looking for light hearted banter then 'nut' isn't for you. 

debbie tucker green* is well known for her raw portrayals of difficult topics and her ability to lay out bare, warts and all the emotional states of her characters. 'Nut' deals with family dynamics, mental illness, the breakdown of a marriage/relationship and the bitterness it creates. We don't wish to let any spoilers out as we strongly suggest you go and watch it but, there is a twist that left us pretty shocked!

The Shed itself is an interesting setting, fairly small inside and promoting an intimate feel, it was a complementary stage for this production. It allowed the audience close proximity to the characters, as if we were in their front room or kitchen as they went about their normal, or not so normal lives in Elayne's case. 

We were very impressed by the standard of the actors some known and others this being their first production. 'Nut' runs until December 5th and with tickets starting at £12 its certainly affordable, follow the link below to purchase yours.

'The Shed' National Theatre.

*debbie tucker green spells her name in lower case letters

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