Sunday, 24 November 2013

Men's Fashion - Top Four Sexy Satchels

We are totally overjoyed at the return of the satchel to the realms of men's fashion. For many years this practical and stylish accessory was dropped as nerdy and the epitome of a fashion faux pas. Whether fake leather or the real thing, satchels are back in force and we are here to bring you the run down of our top four.  

River Island have surpassed all our expectations with their positively humongous range of colours and designs on the satchel theme this year. We love this vibrant red offering for £30, Red Satchel, its practical and on trend with clean lines and a rich colour. They are also available in a range of other colours if red is not your thing, including teal, purple, green and yellow. This satchel projects fun, youthful exuberance and a playful attitude.  

Conkca Ltd are very much on trend with this vintage hand crafted leather number, Vintage Leather Satchel, available for £99, slightly more expensive, but real natural leather. If you're more of a classicist and don't want something too bright or out there,  then this classic design is bound to attract admiring looks, as the quality is clear to see. Fit for the office, to protect your tablet and important documents or simply as an accessory to that smart-casual look.

Burberry have created this extremely high-end calfskin animal print satchel in a deep chocolate, Burberry Calfskin Satchel, for the equally high retail price of £1,150. Its decadent, unique and screams for attention in a look at me, but don't stare kind of way. We love the animal print design and the use of calfskin ensures a suppleness you wont find in cheaper materials. Its a hefty sum of cash for a bag, but who needs to eat??  

Finally and we added this purely for its brashness and its demands for attention, Jacky Tsai's Skulls Satchel available from £165, Jacky Tsai's SatchelWell known for the work he did with the late Alexander McQueen, Jacky Tsai's design turns the common satchel into a work of art. Its not for everybody but, as a limited edition you are guaranteed high class craftsmanship and a very desirable accessory. 

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