Monday, 11 November 2013

Fake Socialite - The Toast of New York

We often scour the likes of Instagram and Twitter looking for new and interesting designers and artists, its a great way to find those entrepreneurs who've yet to make it big and bring them to a wider audience. It was on one of these surfing expeditions on Instagram we stumbled upon New York Designer and Fashionista Curtis Bryant and the brilliant concept of Fake Socialite NYC.

The term 'Fake Socialite' is certainly relevant to today's party scenes and social media, Curtis came up with the phrase a few years ago with a friend when they first entered 'The Scene'. In his words "In our generation its easy to be considered famous or popular in a short amount of time and even though its a great feeling to be loved and admired, not everyone that I have encountered has taken the humility pill". 

The Fake Socialite brand is a gentle reminder to people to keep it real, to use their voice for good and to enhance the lives of those around them, instead of just revelling in the trappings of 'mini celebrity'. We really like the concept and the message it promotes. It is all too easy to create a persona for oneself online and on the party scene, which may not ring true to life. Keeping it real and yourself grounded, empowers you to really shine and be a positive role model for the next generation.

The brand, although it's early days is certainly make a noise with followers of street fashion and its positive message rings true on both sides of The Atlantic. Check out the website and grab a piece while you can.

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