Friday, 18 October 2013

2.8 Hours Later Asylum - Zombies, Murder and Mayhem!

We don't often get scared, its not like we at FMW Magazine are superhuman and completely lacking in fear, its just that it does take a hell of a lot to make us jump. Now, we've all watched zombie films, played zombie games and read zombie fiction at some point in our lives. The initial icky factor wears off pretty fast and usually we start to make light of the situations these characters get themselves in. What if you were the character? Your moves determined whether you got infected or survived? What if you were the one being chased down a dark alley by a screaming twitching ghoul out for flesh? We'll they are here on the streets of London, the zombies really have arrived......

We were incredibly fortunate to secure ourselves a couple of tickets for the cross city zombie chase game 2.8 hours later Asylum. Set in Stratford, London and the surrounding area we really didn't know what to expect upon arrival at a darkened warehouse. Welcomed by two coordinators and told to read and sign a disclaimer stating amongst other things "The Cops Are Not Actors" "Look After The Natives" and "E=MC2" we were even more confused! Finally the game started and we set off on our 3 mile trek around the town.

We aren't kidding you, there were points in this game where we thought we might have a heart attack from fright and the sheer physical strain that running from crazed zombies puts on the body. These zombies weren't the dumb shamblers, crawlers and leg draggers found in George Romero's classics but sprinters, jumpers and frankly terrifying screamers from films like 28 days later and the Dawn of The Dead remake (showing our zombie nerd side). Some parts of the game are in near darkness, only the vague shadow of a twitcher can be seen in the distance, this led to many survivors getting infected as they just couldn't see the monster before it was too late!

As an engaging, interactive and adult game 2.8 Hours Later wins, with believable actors and zombies that fooled 'The Natives' we came across, we can't fault it. Ending the night with a biohazard burger and a face covered in blood (we were caught on the home stretch) we can recommend it to all those who enjoy a good scare and making some new friends. Bring on next year!! Take a look at this years official trailer below.

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