Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Horror Fans Feast Your Eyes on DREGS

Ben and Zoe creep past the Statics

The main goal of any horror movie for us is that it scares us. Not overly shocks us, nor disgusts us, just that right level of 'oh my god', the occasional heart-stopping jump out of your seat moment and a smidgen of 'what the hell is going on, I need to know more'.

You probably won't have heard of DREG's, its only just been completed (literally within the last couple of weeks) and it had its maiden viewing at Shoreditch's Rich Mix Cinema recently. The audience consisted of crew, family of the crew and us, we knew the project photographer Helen Cris so managed to secure a seat. Full of anticipation and excitement as the Horror genre happens to be our favourite ,we awaited the start of the film.

Directed by Stephen Scott Hayward & Richard Rudy and produced by Anna Smith, Dregs only runs for a slim 28 minutes, that however, is just enough to draw you in and set off a chain of questions exploding in your mind. The story centres around two main characters Ben and Zoe played by Jamie Blackley and Kathryn Prescott. Ben and Zoe are both heroin addicts and seem to be one of the few 'lucky' people to still be alive.. Some kind of apocalyptic event has taken place and a majority of the worlds population are now 'Statics' these twitching ultra tense zombie like creatures. Throw in a dangerous human faction called Salvationists, the fact that the 'Statics' rip their own ears off and a bunch of other messed up things and you have a bloody good short film.

Super crazy Salvationists

We don't want to give the plot away and reveal to many secrets as frankly we want you to see it and be as intrigued as us, we can say however that this film certainly deserves full length feature film treatment. Although most of the actors and crew working on this project have done it for free, they have managed to create a riveting and intriguing piece of work. We left the screening wanting to know so much more, why have the statics been created? Whats the history of Ben and Zoe and why have only junkies and crazies survived??!?!

Dregs should be doing the festival circuits some time soon, so if you see it playing, its definitely worth 30 minutes of your time.

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