Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Frank Ocean At Brixton Academy - A Review

We have always been big fans of Mr Frank Ocean. Since the release of his Nostalgia Mix tape in 2011, his vocal talent and lyrics appealed to our hearts and minds. So it was with great trepidation that we attend his sold out gig at Brixton Academy last night. Would his voice live be up to scratch? Would his presence on stage be overwhelmed by the band?

Understated, simple yet classy are all words we could use to describe his gig, we are however content to simply call it Amazing. With no warm up act to keep the crowd entertained it was pleasant to see that so many seemed to enjoy just relaxing in the darkly lit standing area of Brixton Academy. Some were even content to sit on the floor until the performance started.

As soon as Frank took the stage he launched into a catalogue of his tracks. At first not engaging with the crowd, we thought this was possibly going to not go down well, yet with time we released that even with all his fame and talent Frank is inherently shy. He eventually opened up and proclaimed he doesn’t like to talk to much, adding that London was one of his favourite cities and that is something he never usually says.

We were treated to beautiful renditions of Thinkin’ bout you, Sweet Life, Sierra Leone and a superb full length Pyramids among many others. A previously unheard track Pray also made an appearance to wow the already awe struck crowd.

Its all about the music with Frank, about the emotions elicited by his lyrics. A number of attendees we spoke to afterwards had at some point that night shed a tear at some of his tracks. If you have the power to reach peoples inner spirit then you are truly a master of your art. We love you Frank and we very much hope you’ll stick around.

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