Monday, 22 July 2013

Fallen Out Of Love - Lovebox 2013

We always try to be positive in our reviews of gigs and festivals but sometimes you just have to be truthful and lay it bare. Yesterdays Lovebox an event we have attended regularly, was probably one of the worst we've ever been to.

We got to London's Victoria Park in high spirits intent on enjoying the sun, good music and space that the park has to offer. The first nail in the coffin occurred when we realised that the management of Lovebox had to decided (rather shortsightedly) to close what had been the main stage for Friday and Saturday and literally cut off half the available area in the park. This closed off area had been made into a large VIP area. The tickets prices for Sunday were £45 pounds so certainly not cheap.

Lianne La Havas
The second nail in the coffin came with the early afternoon line up. After the confusion we suffered when we noticed that the main stage was gone (something that hadn't been announced at all), we made our way to The Terrazza, a frankly pitiful replacement for the main stage. Hip Hop artist Mykki Blanco was due on at 1.45pm yet instead of this we were treated to over an hour of atrociously loud sound checking. The continual monotonous beat of a drum, a key on a keyboard and "Check, Check, One, Two, Check" all became to much. Once again no announcement about a change in lineup or apology was given.

The third and final nail in this now tightly shut coffin of festival death, was the apparent no show of the headline act Lil Kim. There are conflicting reports on what actually happened. Some say she refused to go on because the stage was too small and beneath her (frankly we would have to agree), others say she arrived 30 Mins late so Lovebox management decided she couldn't go on and there were also rumours of a drugs bust. Whatever happened it was a killing blow for the day, announced after the crowd had been waiting a good half an hour over the allotted time already, it was met with boos, jeers and a mass exodus of people from the park.

The 'Main Stage'
There were some small mercies in the form of Horse Meat Disco, Kelis and of course the many other festival goers around us, but comparing the last two years to 2013 shows just how lacklustre and scaled down Sunday was. It has left us seriously considering whether we want to return next year.

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