Tuesday, 30 July 2013

AlunaGeorge's Debut Album 'Body Music' - A Review

The Best way we can describe AlunaGeorge's debut album 'Body Music' is to equate it to a bag of Pic'n Mix. The album is simply full to the brim of delicious sweet goodness with the occasionally jaw breaking gobstopper, some ultra sour but ultimately satisfying cola bottles and a handful of crunchy mouth popping candy.
Most of you will be familiar with AlunaGeorge after their 'White Noise' collaboration with Disclosure and the standalone success on the club scene of 'Your Drums, Your Love'. Now we are treated to the full force of their debut album and my what a force 'Body Music' is. Laced throughout with the intriguing vocals of Aluna Francis and scattered hugely varied and sometimes extremely twisted beats from George Reid (hence our earlier sour and jaw breaking observation in a good way) the album launches us into a whirlwind tour through pop, RnB, dubstep and many more genres.

Opening with the dreamy 'Outlines' we are slowly brought into the world of AlunaGeorge. 'You Know You Like It' treats us to some meaty base to accompany Aluna's child like voice, a great balancing act ensues. We absolutely love 'Attracting Flies' from the first few bars leading up to the vocals we were already dancing around the office! Other favourites include 'Your Drums, Your Love' a track we could listen to for hours, 'Bad Idea' with its synth heavy beats and 90's feel and 'Lost and Found' kind of made us feel like we were inside Tetris or some funky 90's computer game! One of our absolute favourites 'Superstar' has frankly been on repeat for about an hour, a perfect combination of fleshy beats and silky smooth lyrics.

As a debut album its superb however there are far too many great tracks for us to dissect in this small review, so we mentioned only a few of our favourites. We give 'Body Music' a huge 4.5 Stars out of 5!

You can stream 'Body Music' by following this link : www.alunageorge.com

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