Monday, 29 July 2013

A Touch Of The Avant-Garde - Kweku Clothing

Trigon Sweatshirt
We like to be inspired by fashion, to see others wear something bold or different and meet designers with vision and an 'off the beaten path' perspective on what they produce. Kweku Quagraine along with his label Kweku Clothing definitely fits that quirky mould.

Kweku's designs are Avant-Garde, simplistic shapes yet offering a sense of complexity, often monochromatic the bold use of white on black and visa versa, heightens the statements that these pieces make. Sometimes conveying underlying messages and political points such as the signature piece 'Trigon' of the 2011 collection, a triangle subtlety angled in the shape of Africa and paying homage to Kweku's heritage.

Kweku studied Social Policy and graduated from London's Goldsmiths University a renowned bastion of creative thought and expression. It is here he developed his immense appreciation for Abstract Art and his keen eye for fashion. Running a store in London's Camden Stable Market and also online the KC brand has gone from strength to strength with Kweku himself stating "We can boast a following in pastures as far afield as Indonesia, Tel Aviv and Rome".

We love its simplicity, with no tired slogans and rehashed demands its fresh affordable and certainly something to be seen in!

Why not pop down to Kweku's website at or visit the store at 822 Camden Stables Market London.

Photography by Oneshotwonder and Lucy-Rae Monnoyer


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