Monday, 15 April 2013

One Zero One, A Tale of CyberCissy and BayBjane

CyberCissy (Antoine)
Fringe Film Festival was lucky enough to host the World Premiere of One Zero One, many words could be used to describe it, intriguing, controversial, dreamlike etc, but none of these actually do the Docu-Film justice. You have to see it and absorb the truly unique lives of its characters to really appreciate it.

Produced by Tim Lienhard, One Zero One follows the lives for a period of time of drag/performance artists Cybercissy (Antoine) and BayBjane (Mourad). Both suffer from debilitating illnesses, Cybercissy experiences periods of psychosis and hospitalisation, while BayBjane has an as of yet undiagnosed medical condition and suffers from brittle bones, congenital heart defects and has lost an eye.

BayBjane (Mourad)
The films premise is one of hope, over coming the odds and carving a life out of adversity. Shot as a typical documentary but interlaced with dreamy, surreal costume numbers it takes on an ethereal quality, causing the viewer to experience a kind of split mental state, one of education and daydream. The costumes are wildly abstract, otherworldly and slightly menacing. We found One Zero One engaging and at many points hilarious to watch. 

This Docu-Film is one of the jewels in the Fringe Film Festivals crown. We felt an affinity with the main characters and found ourselves truly caring about them by the end of the screening. If you didn't get a chance to catch it at the festival then look out for it in the future as One Zero One is definitely a must see!

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