Saturday, 13 April 2013

Gen Silent, Shining A Light On Isolation

Society often forgets about the older generation. They are sometimes sidelined, swept aside and looked upon as a nuisance. Never more so than in the LGBTQ world, more often childless and at the mercy of a culture that values youth over experience, these ground breakers and civil rights creators often find themselves alone. The Fringe Film Festival screening 'Gen Silent' explored this taboo subject, the care of terminally ill people in particular.

Filmed across in the US in 2009 this touching and troubling documentary focused on a select few couples and one transgendered woman. The portrayal of their frailty and the tragic circumstances they found themselves in was heartbreaking. It certainly gave us food for thought  and raised the question how do we actually treat our elders? 

A panel discussion followed the film and we raised the point that some form of outreach and education program needs to be implemented. Both to teach the younger generation about the problems that older members of the community face and to raise the profile of this topic.


  1. I love you guys, and I salute your courage. Thank you. Marie, a remote family member of yours all. Straight-ish and proud to know some of you.

  2. Many thanks Marie for taking the time to read and comment! :-)