Friday, 12 April 2013

Five Dances Sweeps Us Off Our Feet

Hackney Picturehouse is always a pleasure to come to, bright, spacious and with that arty, creative feel that resonates around some areas of East London. We arrived and immediately placed ourselves in the Gallery Bar where pre-screening drinks were available along with the complimentary and definite must have printed copies of the Fringe Film Festival schedule. Fringe always attracts a varied lot, performance artists, painters, writers, the general public and those just out for a good time. It's one of its appeals and as the numbers swelled it was clear this was to be a sold out event.

The first offering of the festival, Alan Brown's 'Five Dances' would set the quality of programming for the coming days. Last year Travis Mathews explicit 'I Want Your Love' offered us no holds barred sexuality and sexual interaction, what were we to expect in 2013?

Five Dances simply swept us off our feet. A touching tale of young Kansas boy Chip at first alone in the Big Apple, sleeping rough while pursuing his dream to dance. His alcoholic mother a constant presence via his mobile, begging, pleading and threatening him to return to her. Chip begins an emotional journey into friendship, the experience of first love and sensual passion. The film sections itself into five dances (hence its title), each beautifully performed dance incorporating the emotions of the four main characters. We found the story perfectly balanced by these bursts of stunning flexibility and grace. Sex (yes there was a little) left a lot to the imagination of the viewer, it was soft, sensual and in the case of Theo and Chip quite sweet to witness, a big departure from last year. Sometimes less is more!

We loved the opening film and we look forward to the next 3 days of Fringe events, screenings and workshops.

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