Monday, 16 July 2012

World Pride 2012 - An Affair To Remember!

Guest Writer Farah Ishtar gives us a fabulously descriptive account of this years Pride celebrations.

As usual we had to make a drama out of it all didn’t we? Last minute inevitable changes due to lack of sponsors, had faithful celebrators of our Queer Christmas in mass hysteria. "We’re gonna have to get up early! On a SATURDAY morning!". Tell that to the red tee clad stewards who had done a pretty fine job posing as drill sergeants, dotted around the streets, barking at marchers to get a move on.

Y’see this years World Pride (which coincides with another famous event called the Olympics) decided to go vehicle free. That meant no giant cotton wooled floats. No hired buses with handmade banners. No vans full of drool-worthy officers in uniform. Fearing a stampede of tourists, the organisers decided to take it back to basics, having all marchers on foot.

For us wee groups who haven’t had the privilege of tearing our shirt off on the top deck on every Pride day, this was nothing new but, did it affect our more glamorous groups in their stilt like heels? Did the early start result in a march of the shiny panda bears? Did our beloved homophobic anti Pride nemesis decide to flaunt the rules and turn up in a Jesus van? No, No, No! World Pride held in the streets of London produced just another Murphy’s Law bidding this time in a more positive light. The absence of automobiles created a closer atmosphere amongst attendants, who strode gracefully out in the open instead of hiding behind tinted windows or Natty Nora’s beehive wig.

Cameras were aloft for costumes that onlookers could actually see, everyone enjoyed their News-at-Ten-I’m-in-the-corner-of-the-Cammy shot celebrity moment. Highlights of the event for yours truly included being barely a metre away from the amazing legend that is Stephen Fry who sailed, if not cruised his way in to the crowd for a timeless five minutes getting to know his brethren for one of his documentaries.

Walking with my purple crowd I was glad to say that we did not witness any BiPhobia at all. This could be due to the fact that we were outnumbered by the mass of Asexuals a few banners behind us and upstaged by the grey haired gimps in front of us who decided to crawl on all fours rather than march.

The Gay Men’s Chorus still sung their pop numbers. The lesbian cheerleaders still shook their pom poms. The rain only dampened the clothes, if applicable, and not the spirits. To compensate for pre-pride anxieties, the main stage at Trafalgar Square was packed with A-list celebritiess including Gok Wan and Boy George. Even the illegal fountain dance managed to last a little longer. Through tight crowd control the festival was packed but not congested and full of decent freebies ranging from stickers to tee shirts.

So, who’s gone onto Google Images to find their picture? You know who you are.

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