Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Do You Chew?? - Chew Lips in Hoxton

We first heard Chew Lips play at Lovebox 2012 and they immediately grabbed our attention. Tigs the lead vocalist seemed completely at ease on the stage and full of bounce. She will forever be ingrained on our memories as stating "A tramp pissed in my eye or something" to explain away her watering eye! When we heard they were performing on our doorstep at The Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen we jumped at the chance to see them.

Hoxton Square Bar is a good little venue, compact enough to have an intimate feel but not too small to be claustrophobic. We arrived early, we are always afraid we're going to miss something so inevitably end up hanging around! The atmosphere was relaxed and warm even though a light smattering of rain was falling. The conversation was good, so it was no bother to wait for the 40 minutes until Chew Lips were to take the stage.

After securing ourselves a good vantage point we awaited the band with great anticipation. Tigs (looking stunning) and James Watkins (the multi-instrumentalist) arrived and the friendly and slightly tipsy crowd shouted and clapped their approval. We certainly weren't disappointed, running through material from their new album (out in January 2013) and also a number of tracks from Unicorn (debut album 2010) they wowed the crowd. We was impressed both by Tig's charisma and the multitasking Mr Watkins ability to play the guitar superbly while tweeking the synths.

Salt Air with its electro beat and sleek and sexy vocals was one of our favourites as well as Play Together and new track Do You Chew. What was evident was simply the energy these guys have, Tigs danced around the stage and ended up "Sweating like a rapist" in her words! Chew Lips are definitely ones to keep an eye on and we eagerly await their new album next year.

You can follow Tigs on Twitter at Tigs Twitter
You can follow James on Twitter at James Watkins Twitter

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