Monday, 25 June 2012

Lovebox 2012 - A Decade of Love

Lovebox 2012 had a special significance for me. I'd been twice before back in 2007 and 2011 and both times my memory was patchy at who performed and what I got up to. 2012 was the first time I would be experiencing Lovebox Sober and being in full control of my faculties!

As a group we got there early, just after 12pm. This was partly because of excitement and our keenness to get the party started. Victoria Park however was empty, Johnny Woo had the main stage and the crowd was sparse to non-existent. It did mean we could explore the grounds unimpeded and work out where everything was (the toilets and bar for my friends being priorities!). We caught the tale end of Chew Lips on the smaller stage and they were vocally very impressive, so much so I'll be going to their gig in Hoxton!

As the day progressed the park slowly started to fill with people of all ages, styles, ethinicities’s and sexual preferences. Sunday at Lovebox “Out and Out Fierce” is traditionally the Gay Day, but all are welcome and the draw of Chaka Khan and Grace Jones meant a positive plethora of polysexuality. Drag queens, club kids, festival heads, mums and dads and children with protective ear wear, 70’s disco dancing dudes (who i am told come every year) and many more crazy and kooky characters filled up the green spaces. How the sun shone, which was a little disappointing at first as I had shelled out for Wellington's and a mac specially for the occasion. 

The starting acts on the main stage were okay, Niki and the Dove were once again slightly late (something which seems to be a regular experience) and they never really stood out for me on such a big stage. Sam Sparro was fantastic. He arrived fully suited with a stunning macaw feathered mask on and proceeded to work the crowd up with his new material, which i found to be perfect. He belted out Black and Gold and to the delight of the spectators got off the stage and into the crowd where he danced for a while! 

One of the highlights of the day was unexpected for me, Chic and Nile Rodgers whipped the crowd into a disco dancing frenzy. A true performer, Nile's sang and played many of the sounds of the 70's while we threw shapes and got down with the funk! Chaka was a little disappointing but the day was saved by the Queen of Crazy herself, Grace Jones. She gyrated like a 20 year old with costume changes aplenty and wowed us with her deep voice and crazy eyes! Grace is an icon, a unique species of her own.

I left Victoria Park sore footed, hoarse from the cigarettes, singing and cheering and in awe of the talent I had witnessed. Roll on 2013 and I might even go VIP!

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