Thursday, 7 June 2012

I Heart Shoreditch!

Cartrain Street Art

Shoreditch is by far becoming one of my favourite areas in London. When I first moved here from South London around 4 years ago I looked with distain at the east, choosing to spend my time and money in Soho and the like. Last year however the veil was lifted from my eyes and I really began to appreciate and see for the first time what the area has to offer.

Hoxton, Brick Lane and Shoreditch have some of the most vibrant and exciting street art and graffiti I have ever seen. From one day to the next when I walk through the streets it’s always a welcome surprise to see something newly painted or hidden around a corner. Work by artists Cartrain, Cityzenkane and many more brighten up the walls of derelict buildings or random shops.

My love of fashion has bloomed since I started exploring the neighbourhood; vintage is no longer a dirty word for me and my current favourite store in London is now the varied, fairly cheap and funky Blitz Vintage Department Store on Hanbury Street. Brick Lane also boasts some amazing vintage markets, where I recently acquired a bright and bold African print shirt for £22. I still however will roll my eyes at the Shoreditch Twat look as I call it, looking like you've got dressed in the dark from every era of the 20th century, is clearly still unacceptable.

Last week I was lucky enough to hear of a recent event in the area, The Rivington Street Festival. It was the first event of its kind on Monday and it was fantastic! A couple of sound stages pumped out some amazing tunes, graffiti artists created pieces as the crowds watched and sexy and stylish clothes were on offer from stalls dotted about the street. The creative atmosphere was palpable and for a new event it was a roaring success.

Amazingly the music scene in this part of east London is flourishing and most bars and pubs have some kind of live music night or event every so often. Shoreditch also offers some amazing club nights across a broad spectrum of music styles, so there really is a night for almost everyone. It truly is the heart of creative London and somewhere I am very happy, now, to call my home.

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