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Wild About Wildcookie - An Interview with Freddie Cruger

After hearing the astounding Touchy Touchy from the album Cookie Dough by Wildcookie, I was struck by the urge to chat to Freddie the man responsible for the sexy, silky synths and superb melodies. Freddie is based in Stockholm, Sweden but was kind enough to talk to us and tell us how he met his partner in Wildcookie, Anthony Mills, about his current project and why he loves making music.

If you could start by telling us a bit about yourself and your background and past projects.

I started out in the early 80's with breakdancing after seeing a clip from breakdancing in NY and of course Beatstreet and Wildstyle. Got in to Djing around '87 after working in a record shop on the weekends. I got my first sampler in '92 and that changed my world totally. I have released music since '95. Past projects have been Chimney Heads, Odd Couple, Red Astaire, 3 foot people, Linn & Freddie, Freddie Cruger and now Wildcookie.

You are quite a succesful DJ in your own right and have collaborated with Anthony Mills to form Wildcookie, How did you two meet?

We met in 2006 when Anthony was in Stockholm with Leela James. We were introduced and we made music when Anthony returned to Stockholm shortly after. Come Closer (on the album Cookie Dough) was one of the songs from those sessions.

What or who are your musical inspirations and what would you class the music you produce as Wildcookie to be?

My influences come from all the records I buy when im out digging. I am an all eater it's more about the sounds that the record has that trigger me to make something with it. Wildcookie is a result of freestyle sessions, me playing a beat and Anthony getting a feeling and laying vocals down on spot. Quite a refreshing process which I love. The most amazing stuff comes out like that.

When you met Anthony back in 2006 did you instantly click?

I think so, we are both easy going and always up for a laugh and we both do what we do to our best.

Your debut album Cookie Dough was released a year ago how did you find it was received by the critics?

I'm not a fan of "Critics" but sincere music lovers have embraced the record and that is the most important thing to both of us. We do this for the artform and the freedom of making whatever we want and releasing it.

If you could pick a favourite track from the album what would it be and why?

Serious Drug (also on Cookie Dough), that recording I do remember. It just happened I pulled that beat out when we were basically finished for the night and Anthony got some new energy and made up the lyrics on the spot. I pressed rec and the song was made.

How do you feel about the state of the music industry as a whole at the moment?

I don't really care. I will keep doing what I do regardless what the mainstream is promoting. I can sense that music is coming back from the mainstream again in the near future. I look at Wildcookie music and it is as major as anything else out there.

Do you and Anthony have any plans to tour in the near future especially in England?

Hopefully soon. It's strange though, our label (Tru Thoughts) is based in the UK and what I see is that the UK is a big Charlie (cocaine) lover land. Serious drug maybe is too up front hahahahahaha. We would love to do gigs there. As a dj I love to play in the UK, I always felt appreciated and I really dig the people's music knowledge there.

Thank you for you time and for talking to me.

Cheers and thank you for reaching out. Hope to see you in the UK soon.

You can follow Freddie (Red Astaire) on twitter HERE.
You can Follow Wildcookie on Facebook HERE.

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