Saturday, 21 April 2012

Migrations - The Art of Immigrants and Their Influence

I had the pleasure today of attending an exhibition in London's Tate Britain gallery in Pimlico. "Migrations" a collection of paintings, sculpture, drawings and video, about and by immigrants was fascinating. People who throughout the years due to persecution in their homelands or for economic reasons decided to make the United Kingdom their new home.

Its easy to forget that immigrants have contributed over hundreds of years immensely to our culture and artistic styles. Coming from an empire that spanned most of the globe the influence of other cultures through trade, exploration and even slavery shaped the minds of our home grown artists. immigration from many former colonies added different styles, flavours and concepts to a fairly traditional art scene.

Migrations contains some truly stunning gems, "Mrs Carl Mayer and her children" (above) by John Singer Sargent had me mesmerised, the faces delicate and eyes truly alive, each pearl glinting with light. "Crucifixion" (right) by F.N Souza in comparison was dark and abstract, full of jagged lines and sombre shadings, yet is utterly intriguing. Even if you have a limited knowledge of art, this exhibition is a must see.

Migrations runs until the 12 of August 2012 at , Pimlico, London.

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