Sunday, 29 April 2012

AB Soto Lends Us Some Banjee Power

AB Soto is absolutely technicolour, if he was a make of TV he'd been HD, 3D, Smell and Tactile vision rolled into one! The driving force behind the concept of Banjee Power and AB Soto Music, he's a multicoloured pint sized explosion of fashion. Creating an exciting, fun and empowering place for himself, the Banjee Crew and anybody who wants to join! Based in the heart of LA and taking the gay world there by storm its easy to see why. His outfits are experimental, bright and very personalised, he celebrates his campness yet still makes it clear he's a man, perfectly epitomised in the phrase "Butch Queen" in his track "Honey Boo Boo".

We caught up with AB Soto and he had this to say. "I actually studied Fashion Design first. After working in the industry as a Designer and Creative Director for a few years and I found myself really bored. I was always intrigued by dance and performance art. One day I quit my job to become a backup dancer. That got old really fast but I discovered that I truly wanted to do music. I found myself unimpressed by the LA entertainment industry so.... I decided to write my own music and create my own vibe." He certainly has been hard at work creating a whole new trend and releasing a Mix Tape "Fag Out Vol 1" which you can download here, its catchy, Queer and freaky, just how we like it.

He continued to tell us "I'm influenced by REAL life and AUTHENTIC experiences. I live in the heart of Hollywood and I have been through so many inauthentic experiences, that led me to create "authentic" art. My mission is to inspire the world to see GAY men in a whole new light. I want the GAY community to come out yet again. I think it's time we all got a makeover!". AB is definitely not afraid to be himself and to encourage others to accept who they are and to get down and party. We look forward to seeing more of his work, collaborations and fantastically and unashamedly queer fashion style.

You can follow AB Soto on Twitter or Facebook.

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