Monday, 26 March 2012

A Sticky End For Che Guevara - Kill Your Ego Art

Che Guevara Framed
Randomly surfing the net one day, I happened to stumble upon a picture posted on twitter of Che Guevera. This was no ordinary painting or drawing but a composition made entirely of children's stickers. It struck me as very innovative and also slightly controversial to depict such a revolutionary figure using multicoloured love hearts, smiley faces, rainbows and children's cartoon characters. I had never seen this done before and I was immediately drawn to the artists creative flare and vision. A link was attached to the picture which I followed, it was there that I became exposed to more of the new and intriguing work by Kill Your Ego (K.Y.E).

I contacted K.Y.E and was given the low down on how this came about. "I was doing a bit of sketching and wanted to add some colour, but didn't want to use paints so decided to try something more experimental, plus I cant paint!"

A Large Skull
"Each piece depending on its size can use anything from 300 - 1000 stickers of all shapes, designs sizes and colours. The guns and small skulls can take anywhere from 2-3 days and the big ones can take weeks. The portrait of Che Guevara was trickiest as it has so much detail and you have no room for mistakes. Most recently I just finished a Mona Lisa piece which took around 1000 stickers and week or two of work. Each piece is basically a giant jigsaw puzzle." 

"I like making collages of skulls, guns and bombs which are seen as negative things in the world and making them using something as innocent as children's stickers. I like the thought behind it. The best thing about the pieces is that every time you look at them you discover something new, whether its a Pepper Pig sticker or one of the Mr Men."

K.Y.E told me that each piece when finished becomes his favourite. Each of the pictures are unique and I find them fascinating. 

You can view them all for yourself at Kill Your Ego Art or Follow the artist himself on Facebook or Twitter

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