Saturday, 31 March 2012

Catching Fire With SLDGHMR

Described as a french electro/nu disco duo, I first heard of SLDGHMR via twitter. Corey Siegel and Antonio Torres make up the Miami based twosome. After following the link to a their free EP download "Defenders of Disco" I was pleased to hear that they are actually pretty good. Out of the tracks on offer Catch Fire really caught my attention. The male vocals have a sexy edge and the synths used compliment them perfectly. I got in contact with the duo and they have informed me they are releasing more material on the 2nd of April so keep your ears open for more free downloads and some pretty funky beats. Catch Fire has its own video below, the beat kicks in at around 40secs.

You can follow SLDGHMR on Twitter or Facebook.
Download the Free EP Defenders of Disco by clicking Defenders of Disco Free EP

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