Saturday, 11 February 2012

Review - Niki and The Dove at The Sebright Arms 09/02/2012

Niki and The Dove are Malin Dahlström (vocals), Gustaf Karlöf (keyboards) and Magnus Böqvist (drums), A Swedish Electro-pop trio who were formed in February 2010 and have been tipped as rising stars this in 2012.

Well firstly I arrive early, on time I thought but according to the Swedish man who pushes me physically out of the door when I walk in (I later learn its actually the band manager!) , I'm early, my bad! The Sebright Arms in Hackney is packed and it’s snowing, a fitting welcome for this Scandinavian electronic group. After some chit chat with the venue manager I was once again taken downstairs and introduced to the tour manager, a conversation ensued between him and the band manager (Swedish man) and my entry was guaranteed.

A short wait later the well dressed trendy crowd and I were ushered in to the downstairs basement, where electro and dub step could be heard emanating from its dingy interior. The atmosphere was expectant and jovial. For a sell out event I was lucky to be given entry and I certainly felt privileged as Niki and The Dove happen to be one of my favourites. As we found our viewing places and settled in, attendees were all given neon glow sticks, bracelets and necklaces (evoking in me memories of my raving past!) to enhance the already electric mood! I have to admit the wait for them to actually perform was not a good use of time, although it did allow me to start this review. It dragged and dragged and began to grate on me, with no support act entertaining the crowd, the dub step which at the beginning was a novelty was now irritating to say the least on its third loop round.

Finally Niki and The Dove took to the stage and the magic began. Malin wore a pant suit of leopard print with glitter daubed around her eyes, light emitting rings on her fingers and danced rhythmically as if in a trance to the beat. She reminds me very much of a flame haired Kate Bush, an Aura of otherworldliness surrounds her. Mother Protect (one of my favourites) was a huge hit as was The Drummer, both evoked woops of delight from the tipsy crowd. Sincere apologise were offered for the wait, but this had already been pushed out of mind for many. I found myself entranced and enthralled by Malin’s voice, its highs and ethereal quality and the passion with which she poured out the lyrics. They ended on a fantastic rendition of DJ Ease My Mind to cheers and whistles. Although short in length (stage time was barely an hour) Niki and The Dove produced a brilliant show, created musical magic and I would recommend them thoroughly to everybody!

This review was made possible with the help of Shatter Japan.

I would like to thank the band Niki and The Dove and lastly the The Sebright Arms.

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