Saturday, 23 July 2011

Amy Winehouse 1983 - 2011

A much younger, healthier Amy
At 5.33pm today 23rd July I heard the news from a friend that the soulful, powerful and troubled voice of Ms Amy Winehouse would never perform again live, never grace an award show with her presence and never star in another music video or gossip column. Amy was found dead in her flat of currently unexplained causes.

My first feeling was of shock. Yes this young woman had been for the last couple of years sliding down a slippery slope to oblivion, caught up in a tumultuous world of hard drugs and heavy boozing. She had persisted in keeping company with some of the less desirables that the music world spawns but, I still had hope that the ultra talented person that Amy was could turn it around with help. Sadly it seems, that help was to little, to late.

A once beautiful, voluptuous and energised young girl, became a shadow of her former self. Over the ensuing years after her meteoric rise to fame, she was pictured running through the city with blood stained ballet pumps (from injecting heroin between her toes) and filmed secretly by supposed 'friends' snorting cocaine.

Fame is the drug that entices youngsters to perform, to sell their talent. Soon though it seems all to often this isn't enough. Harder substances are sought out and for those in positions of celebrity easily procured. Once again the world has been able to watch this macabre piece of theatre played out and once again the world has lost a truly talented yet troubled individual. Amy Winehouse you will be missed.

Amy Winehouse 1983-2011

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  1. Goodness, you're quite wrong. She did nothing but produce 2 albums and do some stuff with a low-rent DJ.

    And as for 'soulful powerful voice', did you LOOK at her in her last "performance"? She wasn't booed off the stage for nothing.

    She was a bigger waste of space than Jade Goody. I'm willing to bet that she died after injecting a whole lot of "unexpained circumstances" into her arms.